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Bertuah Internet Exchange (BertuahIX) aims as a physical network infrastructure (layer 2) operated by a single entity whose purpose is to facilitate the exchange of Internet traffic between ISPs. Many Exchange Point operators require an address space for mesh peering that is independent of any address space used by the member network.

Maximum Transmission Units (MTU)

BertuahIX allows L2 payload (L3 MTU) Maximum for 1500 bytes.

Public Peering LAN

Members are assigned one IPv4/IPv6 address per physical port or bundle to connect their routers on public LAN peering.

AS Number


IP Address

IPv6: 2406:20c0:e000:3e8::/64

IPv6: 2406:20c0:e000:3e7::/64


- Members are not allowed to use any IP other than the IP assigned to them on the port connected to BertuahIX.
- Proxy-ARP is not allowed on the BertuahIX port.
- NAT is not allowed on Sorcerer's IPIX.
- Members are not allowed to redistribute the peering LAN address space to their eBGP and announce it to other AS.

Become Member BertuahIX

- Own Public Anynous System Number (ASN)
- In addition to having an ip4 prefix you are required to have an ipv6 prefix as well
- Have Noc with 24x7 Hours
- Have more knowledge about bgp and good personality
- Your ASN number from an email / domain associated with its whois record.
- You will respect all Members and Partners and use the BertuahIX with care
- You should be able to get your network physically connected to the BertuahIX in any way(this can be wired, wifi radio, or other networks, just not tunneled over the internet)


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